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How To Roll Pizza Dough?

How To Roll Pizza Dough?

If you’re wondering how to roll pizza dough, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. The wrong way, as you might guess, is to use the microwave to heat up the dough. This not only causes it to be cooked unevenly, it also causes tiny air bubbles to form in the center of the dough, which makes it tough to cut. It is best to preheat the dough to the proper temperature before starting your project.

To begin, heat your lightly warmed dough to just below room temperature. For best results, preheating to 200 degrees F is optimal. In extremely hot temperatures, such as the microwave, gluten, the sticky protein that produces pizza dough, is even tighter, so this is why preheating is critical. Once the temperature has been reached, it is important not to touch the dough with your fingers because you can end up with a baked on crust if you do.

Next, coat the pizza rolls with light meal pizza sauce. Be sure to use a non-stick coating for best results. Do not use a butter flavored or vegetable oil, as the oils can stick to the dough.

Now, remove the first three and a half inches of dough from the two packages of dry yeast you purchased at the supermarket. Place the wrapped dough on a floured surface and roll the entire thing out until the first few inches are covered. Scrap the entire thing back onto a flat surface and re-roll it until the desired thickness is achieved. Remember that cutting a pizza roll should be done straight down the middle of the pizza. If you have a thin crust pizza, it is not necessary to cut the whole thing down in the middle, but it is done best with a thick, medium-thick crust.

Using a tablespoon measuring cup, begin to pour the yeast into one of your measuring cups. Add the water and mix thoroughly until completely blended. Cover the measuring cup with a plastic bag and allow it to sit for thirty minutes. In the meantime, prepare your food processor or juicer. It is important to remember that all ingredients should be added at room temperature.

For the next step in your how to make homemade pizza dough, combine the yeast, water and olive oil together in a bowl. Turn the mixture over one time to make sure all ingredients are fully mixed. Then, take the completed mixture and form it into a rough ball by shaking it gently. Place the ball into a non-stick coated muffin pan. Cover the muffin with a sheet of plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for about an hour. While the yeast is waiting, mix together one tablespoon of each of flour, salt and baking powder.

Once the first side of the dough ball is complete, remove it from the refrigerator and transfer it to a flat surface, like a cutting board. With a food processor or a juicer, start chopping the remaining ingredients until you arrive at about two cups of dough. Once the chopped ingredients are combined, just add them one at a time as they are ready, and mix them together. The dough should be able to hold on to the ingredients without changing their shape, but it is still encouraged to work in an open area so the ingredients can mix properly.

Once all ingredients have been combined, it is time to begin rolling the dough. Start rolling the dough using a rolling pin, taking care to keep the center of the dough ball intact. Once the ball is completely flattened out, it is time to cut it into its two main components – the flat interior and the thin exterior. Cut the pieces into thirds and then again into fourths, and continue to cut and flip until all pieces are complete and the bottom crust is complete.